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For Sale.

A Clockwork Carrot - Lil Alex Supervillain
Ensorcelled Man - Super Festival 57 Exclusive
Vengeance Larvagon - GID
Larvagon - Marine
MAD*L - 10YR Edition
Necromorth the Christraper - 3D Retro Exclusive
  • Necromorth the Christraper - 3D Retro Exclusive
  • Elmergoo $80.00
The Gipper
Sludge Pollution Monster
Gegege No Kitaro
Ratman - Nezumi Otoko
Kitarō - 鬼太郎
Electro Lizard
Gordon - Horner Labour Ver. 2
Dead Che Bust - Bronze
  • Dead Che Bust - Bronze
  • eBay $215.00
Bad Apple GID
Soldier with Rake Rabbid
Bubble Head Nurse - SDCC 2013
Robbie The Rabbit - Pink
Jumping Brain - Black
PakuPaku Uamou
Micro Uamou - GID
Blue Star Uamou
NYCC 2012 Uamou - GID with sprays and glitter
Metallic Neon Star Uamou
Uamou & Boo - Blue Clear Pink Fade
Uamou & Boo - Sad (Clear Black)
Uamou Grumble Toy Exclusive
GID Star Micro Uamou
Rainbow and GID Uamou and Boo Angel Abbey Exclusive
Uamou & Boo - White (Happy)
Subtle Heart Micro Uamou and Boo
Uamou - White w/ Black Eyes
Skeleton Uamou - Clear Pink w/ Black Print
Uamou & Boo All Souls Ouch
Mintyfresh Uamou - Regular
Foomi Micro Munnyworld DIY
Trikky Micro Munnyworld DIY
Smorkin’ Labbit - Clear Pink
Osaka Popstar Devil Dog - Clear Red
Transistor Sect
  • Transistor Sect
  • eBay $5.99
Zagoran Ichibanboshi Exclusive
Greasebat - Super Festival 58
Greasebat - Rampage
Burgerbuns - Milky White
Gas Bawer
Gas Bawer
Puppet Seijin phase 3
Rebel Ink - Black
Rebel Ink - White - Inverted Backprint
Cosmo Little Prick GID
Bad Apple Liquid Erosion (RED)
  • Bad Apple Liquid Erosion (RED)
  • eBay $250.00
Mecha Azteca - Jungle
Medic Bramble Mk 2 'Kill-Dare'
Chipp S2 - Launch Party
We’ll Get Through This Together
  • We’ll Get Through This Together
  • $269.00
Power Mister - LuckyBag '10 GID
Monster Kara (Glowdy to the MaKKs!)
Clearmind Black Rolitoboy
The Shell Courier
  • The Shell Courier
  • $102.00
Wool Metal Jacket
  • Wool Metal Jacket
  • $119.00
The Naughty Penguin
  • The Naughty Penguin
  • $509.00
Tina The Lama
Little Space Dino
  • Little Space Dino
  • $252.00
Wool Extinction
Mecha Wool
Cygnus Woolinus
Sugar Rush
Skinny & Boney
Keronga (ケロンガ) 2.
  • Keronga (ケロンガ) 2.
  • One up. $23.50
Maxx Bot - SDCC 2014 Exclusive
  • Maxx Bot - SDCC 2014 Exclusive
  • Rotofugi $37.00
Devilman - (BxH) #5
I AM OK set
Leo Hillier Jibibuts
Gloomy Bear Blue Bloody
Deep Space Egg - SDCC 2014
Aetius Scout
Della Dawn
Negora New Years Bag Ver.
The Passage
Billy Bronze - Gold (Chase)
Bakurasu - GID
Sentry Robot
Honoo Queen Fatima
Fatima "Night" Custom for Lineage Gallery
  • Fatima "Night" Custom for Lineage Gallery
  • eBay Auction $449.99
WWR Dropcloth 1.5U PeaceDay
Puppet Seijin ver. 9
Robot Nano Super Alloy
Alien Egg Chamber ReAction Playset
Orus - Black & Red
Toby - Mythical Creatures Kickstarter Exclusive
  • Toby - Mythical Creatures Kickstarter Exclusive
  • Kickstarter $150.00
Wandering Misfits - Ink Slinger
Wandering Misfits - Calliope
Wandering Misfits - Blue 4 Legged Masao
Wandering Misfits - Blue Heathen Snake Skelve
Wandering Misfits - Elizabeth
Wandering Misfits - Ash
Wandering Misfits - Dexter
Wandering Misfits - Skelve Cart
Wandering Misfits - White Boo Skelve
Wandering Misfits - Kuma Skelve
Wandering Misfits - Blue Greeter
Chaos Minis - Cactus Bunny
Chaos Minis - Fire-Cat Bunny
Snail Bunny
Chaos Minis - Fairy Bunny
Chaos Minis - Hula bunny
Chaos Minis - Ice Cat Bunny
Chaos Minis - Lava Bunny
Chaos Minis - Monster Bunny
Chaos Minis - Mr. Bunny
Chaos Minis - Snow Bunny
Chaos Minis - Jackalope
Numero (Scorpio)
BlurBlur (Libra)
Floxy Cowboy
Floxy Tuxedo
Jedidiah McDoogle
Sayjo Bean
Francis - Yellow
Lyle Bean
Bernie Cotton - Pink
Happy Sleeping - Sweet Mr.Corn
Shaky Bacon V2
Cope2 BIC Buddy
Kweenz Destroy
kaNO Buddy (White)
Bic Buddy
Brazil - Lobster in the Cooler
Kay'O My plus
Oink Le Rouge
Memo Wee
Luna Una Oy
Tintonos Nos
Club Tarn
Tchoki - Choco Rabbit Edition
Captain Biceps
Trendybu Boy
Icecreambu Boy
Debonairbu Boy
Debonairbu Girl
My Little Victims
Toyer Z
Nandy Bear
Ket Blue
2" Bartender To-Fu figure
2" DJ To-Fu figure
2" Drunk To-Fu figure
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Android Lucky Cat
Steven the Bat - Midnight Metal GID
Squirm Ikageruge Tribute
Mummy Gator
Little Prick - Glowing Sundown
Cosmic Rose Vampire DX
OuterSpaced Casket Cruiser
Pocket Baseball Boy - Padres Tribute, SDCC 2013
  • Pocket Baseball Boy - Padres Tribute, SDCC 2013
Pocket Baseball Boy - Padres Tribute, SDCC 2013
  • Pocket Baseball Boy - Padres Tribute, SDCC 2013
Bic Buddy - 20" DIY
The Kid
Blank Sketchbot
Dookie-Poo DIY
Rad the Hype Monster - DIY
DIY Mega Android
Tsuchi - Silver
Kricky The Alien Frog
Pierce & Dogboy - Red Edition
Sketchbot - OG
Miao & Mousubi - Fat Cat Edition
Wet-Suit Maria
Poison Sweet OG
Colorblok's Mono - Skwak Version
Topo de Madera
O-No Sashimi
Sticky Monster Lab - Like a Bird
Sticky Monster Lab - RUBBER
Sticky Monster Lab - Fink
Kosplay - Black and White
Yellow Ji Ja Bird
Affonso DIY
Strife & Sire - Debut Release, NYCC 2012
Ren 3
Catchaman - Pearl White
Get Lucky Beaver - Green
Get Lucky Beaver
Get Lucky Beaver
Afterglow Beaver - ECCC '13
Target - The Alternate Colorway
Harriet Carney the Bearded Lady
Ji Ja bird - White
The Luster Ji Ja - Black
The Luster Ji Ja - White
Hipper M06
Little Molly Copperhead
Bitta Critta
Aldara Zomo - Blossom
Baxtar Fonzo
Princess Molly
I love you Molly
Oliver the Bat Boy
Mortimer the Mortician
Mortimer the Mortician
DarthPon - SDCC 2013 (Ghost Chase)
DarthPon - SDCC 2013
Moon Fox - Moonlight edition
Moon Fox - Cloudwhite
Modern Hero - Grey Editon
Wrong Mask III - Raven
Dead Hippie