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Vortimer Vortigern a.k.a. Mr V. 


Age: Indeterminate but at least 240 years old.

Soothsayer, philosopher, magician and all round Bon Viveur. A great friend and mentor to Rusty and Wiggs.

A very wise and cultured man. Friendly and approachable but also slightly mysterious. Always dressed for comfort in one of his many dressing gowns, silk scarves and comfortable brogues. Descended from an ancient line of magicians. Owner of the Stereopticon, a magic slide machine which enables the user to traverse time and space.

Mr Vortigern first met Rusty and Wiggs when they became lost on a school field trip in the Old Forest (a large and ancient deciduous woodland to the west of Dullwich City). He was out on his annual expedition, picking leaves and roots to take back and harness their medicinal and magical properties. Rusty was impressed by his almost supernatural orientation skills, and Wiggs, by his AMAC M5 military hunting knife. That night as they sat around the campfire and told stories of wizards, warlocks and Harvey and Jubs, they cemented their friendship. Ever since, Mr Vortigern has been inspired and impressed by their youthful wit and enthusiasm and remains forever curious about their tales of urban derring-do.

Likes and dislikes: There are none. Mr V transcends mere human foibles.

James Jarvis
Designer Toy
Vortigerns Machine

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