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  • Mintyfresh angel


    353 606 632

    6 years ago

    And it's already gone !
    Sold to the man with the red nose and bottle of Vodka :)

  • hu8o angel


    850 1828 325

    6 years ago

    Good for him! I'm new to Nathan Jurevicius so I'm starting with the Treedwellers. You can't collect everything...

  • sergeySafonov angel


    793 2202 1629

    6 years ago

    @Joel: I am not _that_ kind of russian :)
    I liked self service at roto: got notification - paid - deleted for sale list :)

  • amavevera angel


    326 67 1136

    6 years ago

    put your hands together
    for amavevera no-smoking week number 2!
    don't be shy, clap your hands, people
    and let's we all be proud of me, haha

  • MaquetteCity angel


    154 129 400

    6 years ago

    Well done Amavevera! It's not easy, but you can do it!!
    Think of all the toys you can buy with the money saved!

  • lordsketch angel


    381 1085 1433

    6 years ago

    Yay Vera!
    More smoking toys and less smoking! :D

  • SillyK angel


    154 1426 1657

    6 years ago

    i AM PROUD OF YOU VERA! now stick to it and your lungs will feel better in no time :)

  • jeremyriad angel


    566 356 245

    6 years ago

    Nice going Vera! Certainly you, your clothes, your house and your toy collection all smell much better now!

  • ToyPunkJan angel


    1884 1893 2107

    6 years ago

    She still smokes hash, only quitted those awfull cigarettes ;P

  • amavevera angel


    326 67 1136

    6 years ago

    hi hi, thanks for your support (Jan, all I can say is "it wasn't me, officer").
    day nr 10 and still a non-smoker, so happy about it

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