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BE@RBRICK 29 - Jellybean - soda 


JB wanders the streets of Milan. He entered a trattoria to have snack after the siesta break.
An unfriendly waitress takes order bluntly. He orders water and she asks JB "gas or non-gas?"
He awkwardly answers "Acqua Gassata" because he heard that people mainly drink carbonated water
before meals in Italy.
"Are you sure you wanted carbonated water?" She smiled as if she was jeering.
"Just because it is a city you aren't familiar with, you don't have to force anything to yourself.
A modo mio! Be yourself. You would understand if you drink it."
She left the bottle, shaped as sexy as the waitress's body, and went back to the bar counter.
Pouring the bitter liquid down his throat, JB realized that people are lonely.
He also realized that people feel tenderness towards the customs of unfamiliar places.
Anyway, it is ridiculous if he wouldn't order the things he wanted by drowning in tenderness at his age.
This bitterness in his mouth is similar to the fatigue of the game of tag he played when he was young,
when he participated the game just for the reason not to get bullyed.

Medicom Toy
Mini Figure
Be@rbrick Series 29
2.75 100%

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