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  • vinylgoddess


    365 108 162

    8 years ago

    So folks ... Are we thinkin' another KR website disaster?

  • Vadim angel


    777 516 471

    8 years ago


  • kittenpotpie angel


    683 66 183

    8 years ago

    Good luck everyone!

  • vinylgoddess


    365 108 162

    8 years ago

    Don't forget that each store is going to have some for tomorrow, as well.
    So as an example:
    KR Miami - 14 pieces tonight (reportedly)
    KR NY - 50 pieces tomorrow
    All other stores - 50 pieces shared

    86ish for online? It's going to be something ridiculous like that. I've already come to the conclusion that I'll be getting mine on eBay. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, and I have a lot of Slappy's waiting the Bunny's arrival ;)

    Regardless ... ditto to what Deb said: good luck to everyone! :D

  • endoprine


    132 297 37

    5 years ago

    Wow this ones gonna be a grail for a while for sure...

  • Vinylgohst


    99 3 1

    4 years ago

    Argh I need this piece if anyone has one gong let me know :)

  • Scottydog1333


    54 19 29

    2 years ago

    At long last ,I have this awesome piece

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