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  • amavevera angel


    324 68 1136

    7 years ago

    @SillyK: now you need this, to match your other rainbow treasures :-)

  • SillyK angel


    154 1426 1657

    7 years ago

    hahaha vera, you are cute!

    i just saw this and my first thought was: oh another rainbow toy :D

  • fairlybleak


    176 16 9

    7 years ago

    So after buying 40 blind boxes, getting 3 fragment artist, and 2 Phenom artist randomly (both pretty rare) I have yet to get this. I could scream when I check ebay and the only one for sale is $30 shipped.

  • lordsketch angel


    381 1085 1433

    7 years ago

    I got it blind-boxed it in NY and lost it with a whole bag of toys in a cab in a hechtic night (a bag that included a Dumny I bought directly from Sucklord in his studio :[) and then got it again open-boxed from a window display in a Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh...

    fairlyblank, do you have any duplicates from these adventures you might want to sell or trade?

  • moshi


    244 247 111

    6 years ago

    Looking for this Be@r, let me know if you have one for sale

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