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BoxingXius BoxingXius

He is from Sweden

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Toys on this photo

  • Little Prick - SSSS
  • Ghostrooper  - Clear/Blue with Silver Tinsel Guts
  • Shadow Alien - M1号 Shadow Seijin Mini
  • Namegon
  • Gomess
  • Mini Bakobas - Lucky Bag 2011
  • Mini Hedoran (1st Brother)
  • Acid Damnedron Set - SDCC '07
  • Mummy Boy - LB '10, Clear Glitter, Painted
  • Glacier Blue Chungkee
  • The Boy with Nails in His Eyes
  • Rain Drops Domo Qee
  • Yeti Qee
  • Fenton - Clear Blue
  • Squirm Ikageruge Tribute
  • Yeti
  • Eaton