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For Sale.

Hyper Chicken (Chase)
Demon Seed - Clear Orange
Sunrise Angel Bird
Clear Orange Magman
Vatundoo - Unpainted Black
Berry-Kun - Dot Edition
Yumenoko Mitsume - VCD Special No.125
Yumenoko - Neko
Yumenoko - Kodomo
Kid Dragon
Permanent Guest Promised Bliss
1/1 Skull Head - Marvel
Iron Meat
Iron Mega Meat
Rangeas Untold
Bio Meki
Rangeas - Blobpus 3rd Anniversary
Rangeas Middle - Clear
MOZnaiL - VCD Special No.208
MOZnaiL, Tokyo's Tokyo - VCD Special No.207
MOZnaiL - VCD Special No.205
MOZnaiL - Panda
General tso's nightmare black/gold
Nenne - Tropical Banana
Jacaou - Yominoho Version
Happy Box
Daioh Negora - Dream Fantasy
Daioh Negora - Black Lucky Cat
Mad Teeth
TG Jane
Billy 2.0
  • Billy 2.0
  • Luke $95.00
Square - Young (043) Crazysmiles Football Hooligan
  • Square - Young (043) Crazysmiles Football Hooligan
  • Lavits Figure $199.05
Crazy Children #17 - Cat
SFCC - 'S.F.M.L' - FedEx
Sin City Marv
Rainbow Estate Be@rbrick 400%
Blessing (福)
  • Blessing (福)
  • eBay $13.33
Fortune (祿)
  • Fortune (祿)
  • eBay $13.33
Longevity (壽)
  • Longevity (壽)
  • eBay $13.33
Hoops Fanatic
Sturnbrau Pirate
  • Sturnbrau Pirate
  • eBay $10.00
Samurai Android (Chase)
  • Samurai Android (Chase)
  • eBay $30.00
Bambi - Fancy Edition
Bambi - Regular Edition
Sylvester - Regular
Halfas 1st color
Spacebot 013
Mothman - Silver Bridge Type
Mothman - Clear Pink GID
Sunrise Ice-Bat (Giant Robot Exclusive)
Sunset Ice-Bat (Giant Robot Exclusive)
Hell's Proprietor
Alpha Beast Calli Be@rbrick - 400%
Black Heart Of Gold - Blue Variant
Black Heart Of Gold - Pink Variant
Agent Rawr (Chase)
Inner Workings
Android Summer Edition Set - SDCC '12, DKE Toys Exclusive
  • Android Summer Edition Set - SDCC '12, DKE Toys Exclusive
  • eBay Auction $100.00
Android Rainbow Set
Big Android BBQ - Blue Set
Mo Money Bunny
Venetian Rabbit Dunny
Jesse Hernandez Dunny
Omen Blink - Switch to Fall
Omen Blink - Milky Bliss
Skwak Dunny
Panty Show
Omen Blink - Blush
Pimp My City
Argyle Warrior
Naughty Reindeer (chase)
Chuckboy Cyborg Dunny
Peter Gatien
Doktor A
Oscar Kubrick 100% - Pink
Oscar Kubrick 100% - Orange
Oscar Kubrick 100% - Grey
Oscar Kubrick - White
Oscar Kubrick - Turquoise
Oscar Kubrick 100% - Yellow
Oscar Kubrick 100% - Black
Slinky Vagabond
Calendario Azteca
Naughty Reindeer
Minigod - Green
Midnight Magi Dunny
Techno Viking
Zombie Dunny
Kronk Dunny
Sam Fout
Kronk Dunny
Kukulcan (Shadow Edition)
Chaos Minis - Cactus Bunny
Boom! Dunny
SWAT Heavy Trooper
Karakasa Tattoo Man - Kabuki Face
  • Karakasa Tattoo Man - Kabuki Face
  • Hiroshi $10.00
Bunny Ride, Go!!
  • Bunny Ride, Go!!
  • Luke $55.00
Mandrake Root
Absoluton, Normal version
Osaka Popstar Devil Dog - White