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For Sale.

Smorkin Labbit 10" Gimp Black
Mekaru Kun
Smorkin Labbit Powder Blue SDCC
Original Smorkin Labbit
Mc Donkey II - Redemption - Orange Flocked GID
Mc Donkey II - Redemption - Black Flocked GID
Puddington III
Toxic Swamp Cat
Spacebot 013
Eggdrop Dunny
Sket One Dolbee
X-Ray - Art Basel Exclusive
Hammerhead - Pink
Calm Cat (Art Junkie Tokyo x One Up.)
Waver Knucklebear
Da Junior - Taipei Toy Festival Version
  • Da Junior - Taipei Toy Festival Version
  • leonkoin $40.00
Da Ape Kong - Kidrobot Version
  • Da Ape Kong - Kidrobot Version
  • leonkoin $100.00
DIY White Knuckle Bear Qee Prototype
  • DIY White Knuckle Bear Qee Prototype
  • leonkoin $130.00
White Knuckle Bear Qee
  • White Knuckle Bear Qee
  • leonkoin $12.00
All White Knuckle Bear
  • All White Knuckle Bear
  • leonkoin $100.00
Waver Knuckle Bear
Dark Knuckle Bear Qee
Original Knuckle Bear Qee
  • Original Knuckle Bear Qee
  • leonkoin $12.00
Original Knuckle Bear
  • Original Knuckle Bear
  • leonkoin $100.00
Black Knuckle Bear Qee
  • Black Knuckle Bear Qee
  • leonkoin $12.00
All Black Knuckle Bear
  • All Black Knuckle Bear
  • leonkoin $100.00
10" Black Knuckle Bear Qee Prototype
Mini Vandal Bear
Vandal Cat
Da Junior - Colette version
Hell Hound - Zero
Hell Hound - Zero Light Blue
Blue Tattoo Knucklebear
  • Blue Tattoo Knucklebear
  • leonkoin $100.00
Knucklebear Bone
Knucklebear Ice
Knuckle Bear Iron - TR
Knuckle Bear King
Byron (Clear × Matt White)
  • Byron (Clear × Matt White)
  • Puente_LA $150.00
Two Faced Hazel - Asia
GOLD Vincent
Green Apple S.O.L.E.M. (Single Optic Lake Effect Monster)
Strawberry Eyescream S.O.L.E.M. - SDCC '12
Mothman - Sun-Min Kim Type
Mothman - Chernobyl Type
Sluggonadon - Taiwan Exclusive
Sluggonadon - Souvenir from Tokyo (SFT)
Sluggonadon - Clear Purple
Sluggonadon - Clear Orange
Sluggonadon Pink
Mothman - Green Ingrid Cold Type
Mothman - Mommy/ Daddy Type
Mothman - Pink Point Pleasant Type
Mothman - Silver Bridge Type
Flatwoods Monster - Elk River Type
Flatwoods Monster - Mommy/ Daddy Type
Flatwoods Monster - UFO Crash Type 2
Chupacabra Red
Mini Dokuro-San - Red *LAST GASP* edition
Cinderalla Limited Ed. Fantasy Figure
Ultra Dizign
Dizign - Super Villain
Panzer-Ace "Cobalt Knight"
Rose Vampire - Yellow
Burgerbuns - Fuzz Bucket
Burgerbuns - SDCC '11
Arkiv Instant - Exclusive Dutch Edition
Meltdown - U.S. Exclusive
  • Mitari-Chan
  • Ebay $18.00