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  • elissa_s


    388 689 743

    9 years ago

    Can this be classed as a toy as it's a stool? Discuss :)

  • CaptDNA angel


    87 39 102

    9 years ago

    That is a good question.

    I feel like "vinyl toy" takes on a larger meaning. A stool is not a toy, but then some of the vinyl toys out there are probably close to sculptures. To me, vinyl toy just ends up taking on the definition of a 3D piece of art with some portion of the playful attitudes of childhood, be it cartoony, or imaginative, or like 3A reflecting the age of playing with toy soldiers.

    Plus, if I bought this, I would not sit on it.

  • saigonradio angel


    178 1 77

    9 years ago

    I Agree with what DNA has already said. Take for example, the giant 4 foot Kaws dissects, which aren't toys either, but still listed on here. Same could be said for the giant smokin Labbit seats.

    I would like to know restrictions to what can be posted also, but I know what you're saying.

    I just try to keep it in the Kidrobot world.

  • Shankweather angel


    430 4 822

    9 years ago

    I was reluctant to put it on here at first, but it's Kidrobot and Amanda Visell; it seems like it has to be on here. But this does come pretty close to not belonging.

  • JEMoores


    176 11 1

    8 years ago

    it has eyes and is playful. It's a toy because you interact in your mind the same way you do with any toy. I would put my Treeson toys on that stool! I love 'em!

  • CaptDNA angel


    87 39 102

    8 years ago

    That is a very interesting point! Thank you for sharing it.

  • MiddleClass


    98 534 124

    5 years ago

    Looking for this one. Please hit me up if you have one for sale.

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