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  • sergeySafonov angel


    792 2073 1604

    7 years ago

    In what was one of the most devilishly clever enticements in promotional history, Tylenol sponsored the production and give-away of these toys as part of its Ouch! campaign, supporting artists and atheletes "...who embrace their pain in order to achieve something extraodinary."

    Designed by Ron Rege Jr., the Twins and their nemesis The Agitator are based on a series of comics drawn for Ouch!, and the figures were produced by Critterbox; one of the most well-respected and revered manufacturers of high-end art-toys. Each figure comes packaged in a cylindrical casing that features original illustrations by Ron, and have been produced in limited numbers. In order to have get these, you needed to track down a special coupon, then take it to a participating retailer back in November 26th and January 6th 2004.

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