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  • antifaucetwater angel


    337 2257 77

    5 years ago

    I love the little GhostB!

  • Sai angel


    91 28 49

    5 years ago

    Just preordered :D

  • Sai angel


    91 28 49

    4 years ago

    Mini GhostB says 'hi'!

  • crazylabel angel


    172 33 23

    4 years ago

    @Sai I like this minimal picture. Perfect for wallpaper.

  • henrico


    79 17 7

    3 years ago

    Anyone selling this piece?? Thanks

  • maskara11


    254 22 35

    1 year ago

    Kusso have this figure @henrico. I got this and the whispering spirit set sent from them to me in the UK a few weeks ago .

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