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EVIL MC Stealth 


We, BlackBook Toy, are proud to announce the new sofubi project with worldly renowned artist Ron English! As seen in his painting titled "Cerebral Celebration", EVIL MC comes to life in MADE IN JAPAN, Undeniable quality sofubi toy!! 6points articulation(wrists, arms and ankles). Fork and spoon shaped rifle is casted by the sculptor of this EVIL MC, Chop of Monster Farm, one by one. You can spot some burgers on its grip, LOL. EVIL MC sofubi comes in non-woven fabric bag based off the paper bag when you buy burgers out there. Also comes with EVIL MC postcard, on which back, some notices written. Perfect postcard to get it framed. This Stealth edition is casted in beautiful Japanese clear sofubi and painted his iconic stripe outfit. Just this is so sick. What's more this edition comes with special EVIL MC burger papers, which you can enjoy putting inside EVIL MC's clear body or using when you actually eat burgers. Yes, 10pcs of burger papers per EVIL MC. Printed on actual burger paper, so you won't be getting greasy fingers.
H:34cm(13.5" from head to toe)、40cm(15.7" from burger to toe)、HxW:49x47cm(19.3" from rifle to toe)、HxW:11x28cm(Rifle)
HxW:15x15cm(burger paper)

Ron English
BlackBook Toy
Designer Toy
Original price:
190.00 USD

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