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  • Danimal


    3480 672 29

    14 years ago

    Not just that I love labbits, but I don't have a problem with a mini platform toy getting as reinterpreted as possible.. isn't that the point? It's like asking why Dunnys need to keep coming out. What annoys me (and feels wrong) is when large $100 figures get 10 different paint jobs for no reason but to re-sell again at every show.

    I personally hope there are a thousand mini labbits before they're retired. But if they did that in the 10" version, to me that would be too much.

    I do get that it makes them harder to find, but that's the point exactly.. remember these are limited editions (for real as in theyre just not reprinted) - so what are new fans and kids supposed to do without new labbits? Without new labbits or dunnys there's no way for new collectors to find anything.

    Plus your name is still flip-happy, so ... maybe they're not flippable enough for you?

  • Vadim angel


    777 516 471

    14 years ago

    Usually you can get these labbit packs for about $10 on eBay some time after the initial release. So it ends up being ~$2 for one.
    And with mini labbits you can never get enough! It's addictive! :)

  • jazzydan angel


    499 646 2538

    14 years ago

    They are addictive, I picked up 4 from Kidrobot London on Saturday, and now I want them all!! Gonna grab another 4 when I go to the Tado signing on Thursday!! woot!

    This set in particular is very cool!

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