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  • jeremyriad angel


    566 356 245

    9 years ago

    There is an interesting story behind this figure. When it was originally produced in 2006 for a Tim Biskup show in Spain, they quickly realized it had huge QC issues. Basically, they issued a recall of the toy, and provided a silver replacement to anyone who sent back the gold one.

    A small hole was drilled into the foot of the gold one in order to prevent "clever" people from continuing to send it back in order to get extra silver ones.

    I must admit that neither piece has the greatest QC, though the gold one is worse. That said, I actually prefer the dark green color, which turned out here instead of the gold. This figure is really a nice, two-tone green. You might not know it was ever supposed to even be gold, except there are a few gold splotches on the back of mine. The other issue is that you can see the stripes through the eyes and mouth.

    Other than that, the figure articulates just fine. It can sit or stand or stack with the silver one. The boxes are true Tim Biskup. I'm glad to have added this set to my collection. It's one of my TB favorites.

    I got mine from Neon Monster, where there are a couple more sets for sale:

  • vinylcreep


    350 301 50

    9 years ago

    You wouldn't mind if I copied this product info over to Vinyl-Creep would you?

  • jeremyriad angel


    566 356 245

    9 years ago

    Sorry, just saw this. Please feel free to copy it over!

  • lowtech


    397 495 30

    8 years ago

    Speaking of QC issues ... mine actually has an extra mouth printed on the back of his head (not kidding).

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Alphabeast - Calli  

Tim Biskup
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